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One-time sponsor wanted for vim-cream/ethstatus

Hi, sponsors... :)

I haven't had much luck recently. My first sponsor is no longer an
active DD. The second (my AM) does not currently appear to find time for
uploading my packages. And the third sponsor seems to be too busy, too.
If someone would please spend a few minutes to upload my two packages
I'd be glad. These are not first-time packages but are just minor
changes to packages that already been DD-approved (TM) before.

 This package consists of the same Debian rules code to a hardly
 changed upstream package (I'm also the upstream so I know what
 has changed). The new version fixes a BTS bug.
 (console/curses-based ethernet status/bandwidth monitor)

 This new package has been made in close cooperation with one of my
 sponsors and seems to be ready to be uploaded. Many users have
 already tested it and confirmed that it works.
 (a set of VIM scripts to make it easier to use - see cream.sf.net)

If there is a merciful soul outside who wants to help then please grab
the packages from these URLs and consider uploading them. You may PM me
whenever you want.



If these packages will be uploaded my AM seems to get my DAM approval
done in finite time (I hope). So if you don't have the spare time to be
my permanent sponsor I promise I won't be disappointed.

Thanks for helping out.


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