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Re: How to package a database (not program)?

On Thu, 2003-12-11 at 12:42, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> I would simply include the SQL dump under /usr/share and leave it to the
> user where to import it.  It's possible that they will want to create a new
> database, or import it into an existing one (perhaps even with different
> table names), or transform it from SQL into something else.

Thanks for the advice.  Since sending my original message I've
discovered SQLite and think it's the most appropriate database for my
application (and probably for anyone else's application).  SQLite stores
its data in a file and doesn't use a server so it simplifies the problem
significantly--all my package has to do is provide the file (under
/usr/share as you suggest).  There is value in my providing an SQLite
file instead of what one gets from the USDA because they describe their
tables in a PDF document, and it's nontrivial to type in the table
description for the import process.

If in the future someone has a need that goes beyond an SQLite file I'll
be happy to package it differently, but I think this should be fine for


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