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Re: RFS: phpgroupware


Jamin W. Collins (jcollins@asgardsrealm.net) wrote:
>On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 12:55:56PM +0000, Thomas Viehmann wrote:
>> Frank K?ster (frank@kuesterei.ch) wrote:
>> >
>> >Why should debconf prompt in postrm? You can just use
>> >
>> >db_set phpgroupware/adminpass dummy
>> >
>> >(or the perl equivalent) after you have used it.
>> The point is that the current behaviour is to drop the database /
>> database user upon purging (if the user selected this).
>> This means that the postrm needs a way to access the database with a
>> priviledged account, the credentials of which need either be saved or
>> asked for.
>> Most likely, I'll just drop this feature altogether...
>> (This is pretty much wat Jamin suggested on his reply to -devel.)
>I wouldn't drop the feature.  After a purge, a package should leave the
>system as close to the way it found as possible.  There are users that
>won't want the database around after a purge and there are those that
>will.  A simple prompt in postrm when purging for the DB admin password
>should be fine.  I realize we try to limit prompting to the bare
>minimum, but if a user has indicated that they want to remove the
>database on a purge, we need to be able to do so.  This means we either
>store the DB admin password in debconf (bad idea IMO) or prompt for it
>when needed.
OK. Sorry for misrepresenting (and misunderstanding) you, thanks for the clarification.
On a side note: An alternative would be dropping the DB as the phpgroupware DB user
and not deleting the corresponding user?
(And, incidentally, with a cursory inspection of various postinsts I didn't
find any examples.)

As for your suggestion of the upload to experimental:
- If you prefer experimental, I don't mind. (Though I doubt that this will get
  the wide testing I seek.)
- The thing is (and IMHO should be) one source package and thus all or nothing in
- I'm trying to replace phpgroupware in unstable (which has security holes etc.),
  thus I think that the users are better off with an update to unstable than with
  the removal of phpgroupware without substitute.
- The current version are perfectly OK to use. The only thing about "work in
  progress" is that I'll be changing some behaviour from the behaviour of the
  version presently in unstable to an "improved" (depending on your POV) version.
  (Example: The storage of the admin password will go.)
- The work in progress is intended to be wrapped up rather soon. (As soon as other
  people are happy with it and the bug list is trimmed.)
- Finally, I'd envision tracking phpgroupware 0.9.16 RC's in experimental once I'm
  satisfied with the packaging.

Anyway, I'll prepare new packages and update you soon.

Cheers + Thanks for all the input (further input always welcome).


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