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adoption of irssi debian package

Hi, I would like to adopt the irssi debian package you currently maintain. I actually use this software and find it very useful on a public IRC channel.

I am also sending this e-mail to the debian-mentors list so I can maybe get a bit more help. By the way, list reader, is this the correct procedure?

Iroffer is currently in version 1.2b22, and current sid provides 1.2b20. There aren't much changes between these versions, but I think I can help you upgrading to that version and, at the same time, learn some things.

I don't have much experience packaging software, but I've read the new maintainers guide, and currently finishing reading the Debian Policy. I am myself an experienced Debian user, so I want 

As far as I remember, the first thing I have to do is to send a message to that bug (211995) with a subject: ITA: irssi -- IRC file distribution bot

Is that correct?

If you agree, I can send you the patch to the updated package source when I'm done, so you can check my changes. Then, if you approve so, could you help me find a sponsor?

Thank you,


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