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Debian diff / Debian Policy (-dev)


I noticed that dh_make doesn't create diffs , why is that? Is there a way to (re)generate the the *.diff.gz ?

How to decide which cflags could be use best? Since dh_make created "-O2 -Wall -g" , I can see the point of -O2 -Wall , but what's the point of -g ? Will that be enough to debug the package? If that peace of software has different flags how do I deal with that? Do I just replace those CFLAGS with the "-O2 -Wall -g" ones?

What do I do when a user tells me a binary is segment faulting? How do i find the bug, or should I forward something like that to the official programmer of that peace of software?

I quote the debian policy:

8.4 Development files

"The development files associated to a shared library need to be placed in a package called librarynamesoversion-dev, or if you prefer only to support one development version at a time, libraryname-dev."

- What's the point of make -dev packages? Is it about the amount of space? Where can I find a
 more verbose explanation about creating/(separating -dev files)?

"In case several development versions of a library exist, you may need to use dpkg's Conflicts mechanism (see Conflicting binary packages - Conflicts, Section 7.3) to ensure that the user only installs one development version at a time (as different development versions are likely to have the same header files in them, which would cause a filename clash if both were installed). The development package should contain a symlink for the associated shared library without a version number. For example, the libgdbm-dev package should include a symlink from /usr/lib/libgdbm.so to libgdbm.so.3.0.0. "

-Why is it that libgdbm.so is going to be symlinked to libgdbm.so.3.0.0? Why not a symlink from
libgdbm.so.3.0.0 to libgdbm.so?

"This symlink is needed by the linker (ld) when compiling packages, as it will only look for libgdbm.so when compiling dynamically."

-Why is ld only looking for libgdm.so when it's compiled dynamically?


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