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Re: packaging problems with openMSX

* Yves Teixeira (yves.junqueira@gmx.net) wrote:
> Hi,


> Sorry if my english is rough - I'll try to make this text as clear as
> possible. Please send any answer copied to me as I am
> not a subscriber of this list. TIA.
> I've read the maint-guide and most of the debian policy regarding
> packaging software. After that, a few doubts remain concerning the
> process of packaging openMSX, which I have started yesterday, after
> issuing an ITP, answering to a RFP on that software. Just to clarify,
> I am not a debian developer (btw, is there anybody that could please sponsor
> me on this package?)

I have some interest on this package. I've even made some packages for
personal usage, but didn't polish it enough for upload into
Debian. So, I would be willing to sponsor you on this. 

Goedson Teixeira Paixao

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