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Re: Packaging a Kernel module (i386 only)

#include <hallo.h>
* Steve Kemp [Tue, Dec 09 2003, 06:21:02PM]:

>     2.  Providing it in source form and expecting the user to build it,
>        like the nvidia module.
>     3.  Building on my machine to produce a binary x86 module, and

Either with dh_make templates or (my favorite ;) with m-a, see
/usr/share/doc/module-assistant/HOWTO-DEVEL.gz .

>        making the binary package Depends: upon kernel-image-2.4.21-386

Better don't make it Depends (use Recommends) because people with
non-Debian kernels may wish to use it too (eg. SuSE-Kernel installed
with RPM or self-compiled).

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