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Re: Adding files to a package...

On Monday 01 December 2003 17:55, Greg Kiyomi wrote:
> I'm attempting to create a package from upstream source and I'm
> wondering how to add a file to the package that is not included in the
> source (e.g. a config file in /etc or a missing man page).

There are a number of ways to do what you want, and I think the best way 
depends on the type of file you are adding.  I'm no expert, so take my advice 
with a grain of salt, but for manpages, I do the following (replace foo with 
your binary package name):

1. put the manpage(s) in the debian dir (debian/foo.1 for example)

2. make sure you are using debhelper with compatability level 4 (the file 
debian/compat should contain "4" on a single line; you can do "echo 4 > 
debian/compat" if it does not exist)

3. add the names of your manpage files to debian/foo.manpages (one per line; 
it should look something like this:

4. make sure your debian/rules file calls dh_installman, which will read 
debian/foo.manpages and gzip and install the manpage(s) in the correct 

There are other debhelper commands to install other types of files; read the 
debhelper(7) manpage for a complete list.

You can also just use 'cp' or 'install' to copy files into the temporary 
package tree by adding commands to your debian/rules file in the appropriate 
target. [1]  I don't actually know what this target is for a normal, non-CDBS 
rules file (for CDBS it is "install/package::").  Hopefully someone else can 
comment on this.

I hope I haven't made you more confused with my attempt at an answer.  =)


[1] For an example, see my (unofficial) konversation package (but note that I
    may not be doing this the best possible way).
    See the "install/konversation" target in:

Nathaniel W. Turner
Tel: +1 508 579 1948 (mobile)

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