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Re: RFS: ike-scan

Hi Benoit,

> i just uploaded ike-scan 1.5.1 to mentors.debian.net and i'am looking for a
> sponsor.
> The package is lintian and linda clean, here is the control file

- you should provide the file downloaded from
  http://www.nta-monitor.com/ike-scan/ as ike-scan_1.5.1.orig.tar.gz.

- you ship an empty /usr/sbin directory. Please remove from debian/dirs

- your Standards-Version is ancient.

- do you really need to link /usr/share/doc/ike-scan to /usr/doc?
  If not, you might remove the postinst and prerm scripts.

The package itself compiles OK, even on Alpha and recognized
FreeBSD/OpenBSD-isakmpd and FreeBSD-racoon (both running on Linux) OK for
me :-)


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