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Packaging a Kernel module (i386 only)

  What is the recommended way to distribute a kernel module?

  I see the options as :

    1.  Making a kernel-patch which could be build with kernel-package.
    2.  Providing it in source form and expecting the user to build it,
       like the nvidia module.
    3.  Building on my machine to produce a binary x86 module, and
       making the binary package Depends: upon kernel-image-2.4.21-386

  The last one is the one I like best as I wish to distribute my module
 on multiple machines easily.  I'm assuming that option means that if
 the "depened" kernel isn't installed at the time the module is
 installed then it will be pulled in and the current kernel will be

  (This isn't something that I'm currently interested in moving into
 Debian proper; it's a module for providing "trusted path execution"
 which I've written and am planning on running on all my boxen).


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