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Re: cvs versioning

Paul Brossier <piem-lists@altern.org> wrote:
> Hi all.
> I am working on packages from cvs upstream sources.  How should I name
> their debian version ? I give a few examples below.
> Namely, for the package hello i get 2 different tarballs :
> hello-2003-12-13-cvs.tar.gz (future 4.1.0 release)
> hello-4.0.2.tar.gz

If you want to install them at the same time, call them different names.
I do it for kannel(_1.2.1-5), kannel-devel(_1.3.1-4) and

If you want the same name, make sure your cvs package have a smaller
version than the new released one, like 4.0.99-20031213.

(Should't 4.1.0-1 be greater than 4.1.0+20031213-1 as '+' (x2B) is less
than '-' (x2D) ? and I guess I recall we would be able to use
4.1.0~20031213-1 after sarge is released, right ?)

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