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RFS: phpgroupware


I've agreed with Luca DeVitis to adopt phpgroupware and now I need a
sponsor. [*]

Description: web based groupWare system written in PHP
 phpGroupWare is a fully web based groupware system. It includes
 applications such as email, calendar, todo list, address book, file
 manager, notepad.

While not being perfect, the packages found at
fix a whole bunch of issues from "unable to install" to security
problems. They are also considerably more policy compliant than previous

I've asked Luca last week but it seems that he's busy at the moment,
additionally, my mail to his non-debian address bounced.

I'd be very honored if someone would sponsor my packages.

Kind regards


[*] Luca and I have resolved the disagreement we had earlier this
year. You could check with him, tbm, or I could forward you (privatly)
mails if you need clarifications.

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