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Re: cvs versioning

Paul Brossier <piem-lists@altern.org> writes:

> I am working on packages from cvs upstream sources.  How should I name
> their debian version ? I give a few examples below.
> Is there a spec for this somewhere ?

In the policy?


3.2.1. Version numbers based on dates

     However, in some cases where the upstream version number is based
     on a date (e.g., a development "snapshot" release) the package
     management system cannot handle these version numbers without
     epochs.  For example, dpkg will consider "96May01" to be greater
     than "96Dec24".

     To prevent having to use epochs for every new upstream version, the
     version number should be changed to the following format in such
     cases: "19960501", "19961224".  It is up to the maintainer whether
     he/she wants to bother the upstream maintainer to change the
     version numbers upstream, too.


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