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Re: Plea for mentor help

On Wed, 10 Dec 2003, Millis Miller wrote:

> my curent mentor
> seems to be a bit busy and hasn't replied to my emails for a good few
> weeks.

That's because your current mentor has a memory like a sieve. :-)

I took a look at the package.

First problem is you need a build dependency on libpcap-dev and rrdtool

Second, the scripts do get made executable by your auto* stuff so that's
working ok.  It's dh_fixperms which is unsetting them again. After the
call to dh_fixperms, add something like the following code ($ signs have
to be doubled because debian/rules is a Makefile.) :

for i in $(CURDIR)/debian/iptotal/var/www/iptotal/*.cgi; do chmod +x $$i; done

which brings me to the third problem.  Your scripts are actually getting
installed into /var/www/iptotal/iptotal/www. iptotal.cfg is getting
installed into /.  I'm guessing that's not actually what you want.  To get
the proper behavior you're going to have to restructure your Makefile.am

The top level Makefile.am will look like this:

sbin_PROGRAMS = iptotal
sbin_SCRIPTS = src/iptotald src/makegraph
iptotal_SOURCES = iptotal.c
iptotal_LDADD = -lpcap
EXTRA_DIST = src/iptotald.in src/makegraph.in www/*.in www/images/* \
             www/archive/* iptotal.1 iptotald.8 iptotal_config.5 \
             etc/iptotal.cfg etc/iptotal.cfg.in
SUBDIRS = etc www

Note the SUBDIRS statement.  This says to call 2nd level Makefile.am's

in etc like this:

sysconf_DATA = iptotal.cfg

and in www like this:

nobase_pkgdata_DATA = archive.cgi iptotal.cgi iptotal_w.cgi iptotal_m.cgi \
                      iptotal_y.cgi images/* archive/*

Don't forget to run automake, aclocal, and autoconf afterwards.

Then in the call to configure in debian/rules, change
--datadir to /var/www and --sysconfdir to /etc

This together with the permissions fix should get rid of most of the
issues.  Lintian complains about a few minor things though.

* makegraph needs a manpage
* there are typos in the path to the GPL in debian/copyright
* the short description ends with a .  It should be a phrase not a
  sentence.  You can ask for advice on the debian-i10n-en mailing list.

The other warnings can be ignored or overriden.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar@debian.org>
La Salle Debain - http://www.braincells.com/debian/

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