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Re: Need a sponsor for my konversation package

Nathaniel W. Turner said:
> Wow, Konversation sure is a great IRC client!  It would sure be great
> if it  were in Debian....  What?  You think so too?  You're a DD?
> Splendid!   Consider sponsoring my package:
> P.S.  I was going to put "Single IRC client package seeks caring DD for
>  upload-based relationship" as the subject of this mail, but I was
> afraid no  one would read it.  =)

You certainly get points for creativity, at any rate.  <g>

What is it about konversation which makes it so much better than every
other IRC client out there?  I'm looking for a decent one, but can't find
one that really fits for me.  If Konversation is appropriate, I might get
around[1] to sponsoring you...
- Matt

[1] Busy, busy, busy...

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