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Re: RFS: phpgroupware

Frank Küster (frank@kuesterei.ch) wrote:
>Thomas Viehmann <tv@beamnet.de> schrieb:
>>> What does this mean for the removal of the database upon purging the
>>> package?
>>> I don't have the impression that people will be very happy with debconf
>>> prompts in the postrm. (Of course, debconf might already have been
>>> removed in the postrm...)
>Why should debconf prompt in postrm? You can just use
>db_set phpgroupware/adminpass dummy
>(or the perl equivalent) after you have used it.

The point is that the current behaviour is to drop the database / database user upon
purging (if the user selected this).
This means that the postrm needs a way to access the database with a priviledged
account, the credentials of which need either be saved or asked for.
Most likely, I'll just drop this feature altogether...
(This is pretty much wat Jamin suggested on his reply to -devel.)



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