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Re: [ANNOUNCE] git-series: track changes to a patch series over time Re: [debian-mysql] Introducing default-mysql-* metapackages Re: [MBF] Obsoleting bzip2 compression in .deb packages Re: [MBF] Obsoleting Source-Version substvar Re: [pkg-gnupg-maint] Beware of leftover gpg-agent processes Re: [Pkg-sugar-devel] MBF: Removing old GNOME python bindings Re: Base binary packages using xz instead of gzip Re: Beware of leftover gpg-agent processes Beware of leftover gpg-agent processes (was: Re: Changes for GnuPG in debian) Bug#809158: ITP: gajim-plugin-omemo -- Gajim plugin for OMEMO Multi-End Message and Object Encryption Re: Bug#810978: mobile-broadband-provider-info: Please package new version 20151214 Bug#833140: RFP: embroidermodder -- Free machine embroidery software Bug#833168: ITP: scala-asm -- Fork of ASM for the Scala Compiler Bug#833259: ITP: cassbeam -- Cassegrain antenna modelling Bug#833274: ITP: jctools -- Java Concurrency Tools for the JVM Bug#833353: ITP: ocaml-result -- compatibility Result module Bug#833356: ITP: mysql-cluster -- Official fork of mysql. Support master-master replication Bug#833359: ITP: lefse -- determine features of organisms, clades, taxonomic units, genes Bug#833362: ITP: ppx-driver -- feature-full driver for OCaml AST transformers Bug#833387: ITP: mapdamage -- tracking and quantifying damage patterns in ancient DNA sequences Bug#833388: ITP: metaphlan2 -- Metagenomic Phylogenetic Analysis Bug#833401: debian-policy: virtual packages: dbus-session-bus, dbus-default-session-bus Re: Bug#833401: debian-policy: virtual packages: dbus-session-bus, default-dbus-session-bus Bug#833406: ITP: libgap -- A C library version of the GAP kernel Bug#833422: ITP: gitlab-ci-multi-runner -- GitLab Runner Bug#833473: ITP: maskprocessor -- high-performance word generator with a per-position configurable charset Bug#833475: ITP: python-trollius_redis -- Redis client for the PEP 3156 Python event loop ported to Trollius Bug#833491: ITP: golang-github-hlandau-goutils -- miscellaneous utilities for Go Bug#833495: ITP: ppx-type-conv -- support library for type-driven code generators Bug#833498: ITP: ppx-sexp-conv -- generation of S-expressions from type definitions Bug#833510: ITP: ruby-tzinfo-data -- timezone data for tzinfo Bug#833534: ITP: rpyutils -- Flash and communicate with an RP6 robot Bug#833540: ITP: arasan -- chess engine for use with xboard Bug#833544: ITP: libtest-timer-perl -- Perl module to test/assert code response times Bug#833548: ITP: liblemon -- Library for Efficient Modeling and Optimization in Networks Bug#833577: ITP: libfvde -- library to access FileVault Drive Encryption (FVDE) (or FileVault2) encrypted volumes Bug#833653: ITP: r-cran-gsl -- GNU R package to interface the GNU GSL Bug#833663: ITP: stardict-quick-achinese -- Stardict Quick package for Indonesian-Achinese dictionary Bug#833666: ITP: gkamus -- Offline Indonesian-English dictionary Bug#833682: ITP: cmark -- CommonMark parsing and rendering library and program in C Bug#833683: ITP: pycodestyle -- Python style guide checker (formerly called pep8) Bug#833684: ITP: consolation -- consolation linux console pointer support Bug#833721: ITP: python-aptly -- Aptly API client and CLI tooling Bug#833729: ITP: networking-sfc -- Service Function Chaining extension for OpenStack Neutron Bug#833736: ITP: neutron-taas -- OpenStack virtual network service - Tap-as-a-Service extension Bug#833761: ITP: salt-formula-swift -- Salt formula for OpenStack Swift Bug#833765: ITP: networking-ovn -- OpenStack virtual network service - OVN mechanism driver Bug#833793: ITP: telegram-purple -- Adds support for Telegram to libpurple Bug#833804: ITP: mkosi -- create legacy-free OS images Bug#833822: ITP: sagetex -- LaTeX package for Sage Bug#833840: ITP: python-click-log -- Logging integration for Click Bug#833845: ITP: python-atomicwrites -- Atomic file writes Bug#833851: ITP: speaklater -- lazy string useful for translations Bug#833852: ITP: python-git-os-job -- show the OpenStack job logs for a commit Bug#833853: ITP: sixer -- add Python 3 support to Python 2 applications using six Bug#833878: ITP: syncthing-inotify -- inotify-based file file watcher for syncthing Bug#833879: ITP: qsyncthingtray -- Qt frontend and tray icon for syncthing Bug#833890: ITP: ampr-ripd -- Routing daemon for AMPRnet gateway announcements Bug#833897: ITP: abduco -- Terminal session management in a clean and simple way Bug#833898: ITP: acccheck -- Password dictionary attack tool that targets windows authentication via the SMB protocol Bug#833920: ITP: flask-restless -- Flask extension which provides simple generation of ReSTful JSON APIs Bug#833921: ITP: flask-compress -- Compress responses in your Flask app with gzip Bug#833922: ITP: flask-ldapconn -- LDAP connection and ORM for Flask Applications Bug#833975: ITP: libjs-jquery-stupidtable -- jQuery table sorting plugin Bug#833976: ITP: libjs-jquery-dotdotdot -- jQuery plugin for ellipsis on multiple line content Bug#833985: ITP: haskell-hdbc-session -- Haskell library to provide bracketed connection for HDBC Bug#833986: ITP: haskell-text-postgresql -- Haskell library to provide Parsers and Printers of PostgreSQL extended types Bug#833996: ITP: python-click-threading -- Utilities for multithreading in click Bug#834010: ITP: ddcci-linux -- DDC/CI driver Bug#834020: ITP: beanstool -- Dependency free beanstalkd admin tool Bug#834021: ITP: ocaml-base64 -- Base64 encoding and decoding OCaml library Bug#834115: ITP: libtest-deep-json-perl -- Test::Deep plugin for comparing JSON data Bug#834179: ITP: osmose-emulator -- Sega Master System and Game Gear console emulator Bug#834198: ITP: python-oxd -- Python bindings for Gluu OxD server Bug#834208: ITP: physamp -- sample sequence alignment according to its corresponding phylogenetic tree Bug#834231: ITP: tclws -- Tcl Web Services Bug#834232: ITP: cysignals -- interrupt and signal handling for Cython Bug#834282: ITP: squid-prefetch -- Simple page-prefetch for Squid3 web proxy Bug#834293: ITP: zplug -- next-generation plugin manager for zsh Bug#834363: ITP: libsearch-elasticsearch-perl -- Official Perl client for Elasticsearch Bug#834377: ITP: golang-golang-x-time -- Go supplementary time packages Bug#834378: ITP: soapyrtlsdr -- RTL-SDR device support for SoapySDR Bug#834379: ITP: soapyhackrf -- HackRF device support for SoapySDR Bug#834380: ITP: soapybladerf -- BladeRF device support for SoapySDR Bug#834381: ITP: soapyaudio -- Audio device support for SoapySDR Bug#834382: ITP: golang-github-weppos-dnsimple-go -- DNSimple API v1 client for Go Bug#834384: ITP: golang-github-jamesclonk-vultr -- Vultr API client library Bug#834391: RFP: golang-github-rsc-letsencrypt -- manage TLS certificates automatically via Bug#834398: ITP: r-bioc-rbgl -- R interface to the graph algorithms contained in the BOOST library Bug#834400: ITP: mkchromecast -- cast Linux Audio to your Google Cast Devices Bug#834417: ITP: libjs-microplugin.js -- Lightweight plugin / dependency system for libraries Bug#834425: ITP: meqtrees-timba -- core MeqTrees package for implementing and solving arbitrary Measurement Equations Bug#834426: ITP: meqtrees-cattery -- MeqTrees-based frameworks for simulation and calibration of radio interferometers Bug#834435: ITP: statsprocessor -- word generator based on per-position Markov chains Bug#834438: ITP: princeprocessor -- standalone password candidate generator using the PRINCE algorithm Bug#834466: ITP: libjs-sifter.js -- Library for textually searching arrays and hashes of objects Bug#834512: ITP: google-android-platform-installers -- This is a packaged scripts that automatically downloads Google's Android SDK Platform packages and unpacks them into Debian-friendly paths. Bug#834544: ITP: dh-copyright -- debhelper extension to aid in tracking copyright and licensing info Bug#834590: ITP: python3-typed-ast -- AST with PEP 484 type comments support Bug#834592: ITP: hisat2 -- graph-based alignment of short nucleotide reads to many genomes Bug#834702: ITP: golang-github-circonus-labs-circonusllhist -- implementation of Circonus log-linear histograms Bug#834710: ITP: python-codicefiscale -- Generate and validate Italian "codice fiscale" Bug#834720: ITP: r-bioc-savr -- GNU R parse and analyze Illumina SAV files Bug#834723: ITP: forge -- high performance OpenGL visualization Bug#834756: ITP: powershell -- scripting language interpreter built on .NET Bug#834777: ITP: python-blosc -- official Python bindings for Blosc Bug#834778: ITP: bloscpack -- CLI interface and serialization format for Blosc Bug#834819: ITP: openvpn-systemd-resolved -- integrates OpenVPN with systemd-resolved Bug#834825: ITP: glbinding -- cross-platform C++ binding for OpenGL Bug#834835: RFP: ShogiGUI -- GUI for japanese Chess (Shogi) Bug#834865: ITP: libjs-jquery-selectize.js -- Extensible jQuery-based custom select UI control Bug#834866: ITP: python-whitenoise -- static file serving for WSGI applications Bug#834869: ITP: keysafe -- back up secret keys to cloud servers Bug#834876: ITP: haskell-persistable-record -- Haskell library, binding between SQL database values and haskell records Bug#834877: ITP: haskell-relational-query -- Haskell library, Typeful, Modular, Relational, algebraic query building DSL Bug#834878: ITP: haskell-relational-schemas -- Haskell library, RDBMSs' schema templates for relational-query Bug#834879: ITP: haskell-relational-query-hdbc -- Haskell library, HDBC instance of relational-query and typed query interface for HDBC Bug#834880: ITP: haskell-persistable-types-hdbc-pg -- Haskell library, HDBC and Relational-Record instances of PostgreSQL extended types Bug#834940: ITP: lambda-align -- Local Aligner for Massive Biological DatA Bug#834969: ITP: librt-extension-repeatticket-perl -- Perl module for repeating tickets in RT (Request Tracker) based on schedule Bug#835044: ITP: sdes4j -- SDES (RFC4568) implementation for Java Bug#835087: ITP: r-cran-cairo -- GNU R graphics device using cairo graphics library Bug#835099: ITP: skales -- Boot image creation tools for qualcomm boards Bug#835135: ITP: r-bioc-metagenomeseq -- GNU R statistical analysis for sparse high-throughput sequencing Bug#835228: ITP: libstring-scanf-perl -- Module to implement C-like sscanf() in Perl. Bug#835254: (no subject) Bug#835269: ITP: golang-github-circonus-labs-circonus-gometrics -- Golang implementation of metrics reporting for Cirocnus Bug#835303: ITP: r-cran-mi -- GNU R package for Missing Data Imputation and Model Checking -- mi Bug#835339: ITP: python3-aiodns -- Asynchronous Python DNS resolver library for Python Bug#835348: ITP: python-pycares -- Python interface for c-ares Bug#835367: ITP: voro++ -- library for the computation of the Voronoi diagram Bug#835379: ITP: ruby-neovim -- ruby bindings for neovim Bug#835393: ITP: openvas-libraries -- open source vulnerability scanner and manager Bug#835493: ITP: indexed-gzip -- fast random access of gzip files in Python Bug#835516: General: Incorrect permissions on /bin for Debian Jessie Re: Bug#835520: Policy 9.3.1 is inaccurate to the point of being harmful Bug#835545: ITP: xfwm-theme-breeze -- A clone of KDE/Plasma 5's "Breeze" window manager theme. Bug#835554: ITP: jdupes -- A powerful duplicate file finder Bug#835579: ITP: r-bioc-biomformat -- GNU R interface package for the BIOM file format Bug#835626: ITP: fonts-mononoki -- a font for programming and code review Bug#835654: RFH: net-snmp -- SNMP configuration script, MIBs and documentation Bug#835817: ITP: live-tasks -- Live environment support Bug#835899: ITP: node-object-assign -- Node.js is an event-based server-side JavaScript engine Bug#835923: ITP: libgtk3-simplelist-perl -- Perl simple interface to GTK+ 3's complex MVC list widget Bug#835935: ITP: pirs -- Profile based Illumina pair-end Reads Simulator Bug#835994: ITP: dfwinreg -- Digital Forensics Windows Registry library Bug#835996: ITP: libscca -- library to access the Windows Prefetch File (SCCA) format. Bug#836133: ITP: credential-sheets -- User account credential sheets tool Bug#836163: ITP: python-bottle-cork -- authentication for the bottle web framework Bug#836165: ITP: python-bottle-sqlite -- SQLite3 database integration for Bottle. Bug#836167: ITP: python-bottle-beaker -- Bottle plugin to session and caching library with WSGI Middleware Bug#836217: ITP: nfstash -- CLI tools suite implementing NFS client procedures Building qemu bootloaders for multiple architectures CMake branch of APT landing in experimental Common location for face files Computing Build-Depends at build time (and other updates to debian/control)? consolation -- an alternative to gpm copyright precision deprecating apt-key (was: Re: Key collisions in the wild) dgit vs git-series Does anybody plan to keep using sbuild with Squeeze or older chroots? enhanced System Monitor Fixing the Debian Policy Manual to finally reflect changes from 2014 (was: "Is missing SysV-init support a bug?" on debian-devel) freeradius needs a new maintainer GPL debate on kernel mailing list Re: GR: Declassifying debian-private: First call for votes How to distinguish .udeb files from regular .deb files? How to specify files not in source package in d/copyright (Was: liblemon_1.3.1+dfsg-1_amd64.changes REJECTED) howto move threads away from -private@ (was: CLASSIFIED) ifupdown2: debconf followup Incentives for participation in FLOSS communities Re: Introducing default-mysql-* metapackages Is anything in BTS tracking fixes to CVE-2016-5696 Is missing SysV-init support a bug? Fwd: ITP: form -- Symbolic manipulation system ITP: rtklib -- Real Time Kinematic and other advanced GPS positioning techniques Re: Key collisions in the wild Re: liblemon_1.3.1+dfsg-1_amd64.changes REJECTED Re: liblemon_1.3.1+dfsg-1_amd64.changes REJECTED [and 2 more messages] libsystemd libsystemd [was: Re: Is missing SysV-init support a bug?] Mass bug filing: use and misuse of dbus-launch (dbus-x11) Re: Maybe helpful - tool to check for chains of trust and collisions in GPG signatures Re: MBF: Removing old GNOME python bindings mk-build-deps cannot install particular version of Build-Depends packages Re: mobile-broadband-provider-info: Please package new version 20151214 more GRs to come (Re: Current GRs clarification) Mount namespaces Re: New default -fdebug-prefix-map build flag for dpkg Re: Next steps for gitlab.debian (Re: GitLab B.V. to host free-software GitLab for Debian project) Nutty systemd package dependencies openssl 1.1.0 orphaning psutils Perl Configure mess (mostly) (Re: copyright precision) Re: PIE + bindnow for Stretch?(Re: Time to reevaluate the cost of -fPIC?) Please raise your opinion to package size and the given options to restrict it (Was: Bug#833388: ITP: metaphlan2 -- Metagenomic Phylogenetic Analysis) Please, provide a fixed Cloud Image URL for Debian Porter roll call for Debian Stretch The last update was on 10:57 GMT Sun May 19. There are 631 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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