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Re: Is missing SysV-init support a bug?

> So, obviously from my point of view, lack of sysvinit support is not
> a bug.

Please, no. Firstly, it's violation of Policy.

> The rationale for the change was:
>  * the default init system in debian is systemd

First thing I do on fresh jessie system is `apt-get install
sysinit-core`. There is also default mailserver, editor and other.
Does it mean I can assume that `$EDITOR' is default editor?

>  * I don't have any sysvinit system to keep sysvinit files under any
> kind of maintenance

I do not have any systemd boxes, but I just apply
whatever patches other provide be for `runit-systemd`.

>  * sysvinit conntrackd script is really poor, to reliably use
> conntrackd as a systemd daemon you should use systemd

Then expect bugs with patches.

>  * conntrackd & systemd are very good integrated (using libsystemd)

I hugely support idea of dynamically loading libsystemd.

>  * systemd is starting to drop support for some sysvinit mechanisms [0]

Why does it matter, what systemd support or not support?

>  * it's time to let sysvinit die

I'll better ignore this point.

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