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Bug#835516: General: Incorrect permissions on /bin for Debian Jessie

On Sat, Aug 27, 2016 at 07:59:32PM +0200, Hans wrote:

> What is correct? 755 or 775? I have 775, and I did install from the DVD 
> (however, about 7 years ago!).

We want it to be 755, so if they end up being 775, that's a bug.

It should be harmless because /bin is owned by root, and by default
only root is in the group root.

For the record, I've just used netinst iso for 8.4.0 and KVM to
install a new system, and yes, I can reproduce this. You don't have to
install anything at all, just the base system.

> I never changed any permissions manually, so I believe, this settings are now 
> for a loooooooong time.

I've just checked and all my systems have 775!

This is certainly surprising.

Most probably this is a bug in either:

* Some package in the base system (would be detected by lintian).
* debootstrap
* debian-installer

Help to debug this would be appreciated. Maybe we can fix it for
Debian 8.6.


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