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Re: copyright precision

Simon McVittie writes ("Re: copyright precision"):
> I'm sure this is a very interesting academic exercise, but pragmatically,
> why do we want to require ourselves to go to all that effort? For that
> matter, is everything we require *now* necessary or desirable?

Thanks for your excellent article.  It is IMO a very valuable
contribution to this conversation.

Also, I can find nothing in it to disagree with :-).

> ---
> Self-imposed policy of documenting copyright information:

Personally, I think it would be much better if binary packages had
accurate centrally findable statements of their authorship
information.  For the purposes of giving credit (which is something I
_want_ us to be doing) rather than some kind of legal compliance.

But there are many many things that I think Debian could do much
better.  I certainly don't feel I personally want to put doing this
work anywher enear the top of my personal Debian todo list list (or
even my to-do-sometime-maybe list).


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