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Fixing the Debian Policy Manual to finally reflect changes from 2014 (was: "Is missing SysV-init support a bug?" on debian-devel)

Robert Edmonds:

The relevant text from the policy manual, §9.11: [...]

The Debian Policy Manual never got updated in the wake of the Debian systemd Hoo-Hah. It remains written from the viewpoint that System 5 init and rc are the defaults, and that upstart is a novelty addendum. Several people in 2014 publicly proposed starting a Policy Manual revision. They never finished, to my knowledge, and their proposals remain part-done (to this day, as far as I know, although I haven't re-checked since 2015). I didn't make a public announcement, and just got on and did a rewrite. (-:

It is here, complete with SGML patch: https://jdebp.eu./Proposals/DebianPolicy/

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