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CMake branch of APT landing in experimental

Hi everyone,

I just uploaded the cmake branch of apt to experimental. Please
report feedback on how it affects the stuff your care about, like
reproducibility, cross-building, and stuff.

This branch started in 2009 for 2 weeks or so (7 years ago),
and then slept until this week, when I finally rebased it
against the most recent apt.

As this is the only thing I've ever done in CMake, it's probably
not perfect - I would appreciate your feedback on the CMake code.

Not all stuff is working yet: The docbook guides are only built
in HTML, and their translations are not built. Neither are the
translations of the dselect stuff (but who uses that old thing
anyway...). We also do not support unit tests or update-po yet,
but I think they'll come in the next days (this pre-release is mostly
to check build issues, so that does not matter much).

This also makes the global _error object thread-local which for
some reason was disabled ever since jgg disabled it back in 1999
due to glibc issues (don't ask me what those issues are).

I hope that the switch to CMake improves understandability of how
to APT is built and maybe encourages new contributions. I also
think it greatly improves portability compared to the previous
autoconf based buildsystem with custom makefiles (and hardcoded
gcc compiler flags).

So, please reply to deity@l.d.o, me personally, or visit us 
in #debian-apt on OFTC and give me some feedback.



Debian Developer - deb.li/jak | jak-linux.org - free software dev

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