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Re: Is missing SysV-init support a bug?

Holger Levsen schreef op 26-08-2016 14:16:

So, obviously from my point of view, lack of sysvinit support is not a bug.

And policy supports your view, considering the above (*) are "compelling
reasons" to do so.

(*) and the fact that conntrackd is linux only…

Personally I do not run a non-SystemD system, it is just too hard, probably, too much work, currently.

Yet, I greatly benefit from the availability of the existence of SysV scripts, because they allow me to switch individual parts away from SystemD, even if it requires writing a simple SystemD service file to do that.

Then SystemD may think it controls my system all it wants. But it is still running my init V scripts that I can edit and control to my liking.

The only reason to remove those scripts is to force people not to use them anymore. There are no other "good" reasons.

Grub/SystemD maintainer Andrei Borkenzov once wrote that mr. Martin Pitt writing that people not wanting to use certain features could do so was rather disingenuous since e.g. SytemD 220 (or around) removed certain scripts from /lib/udev that were required for such functionaly (e.g. write_net_rules/rule_generator.functions).

Deleting such scripts just means burning bridges for people.

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