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Bug#834819: ITP: openvpn-systemd-resolved -- integrates OpenVPN with systemd-resolved

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Eugene Zhukov <eugene@debian.org>

*Package Name: openvpn-systemd-resolved
 Version: 1.1.1
 Upstream Author: Jonathan Wright
*URL: https://github.com/jonathanio/update-systemd-resolved
*License: GPL
 Description: integrates OpenVPN with systemd-resolved

This is a helper script designed to integrate OpenVPN with the
systemd-resolved service via DBus instead of trying to override
/etc/resolv.conf, or manipulate systemd-networkd configuration files.

Since systemd-229, the systemd-resolved service has an API available via DBus
which allows directly setting the DNS configuration for a link. This script
makes use of busctl from systemd to send DBus messages to systemd-resolved to
update the DNS for the link created by OpenVPN.

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