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Re: Bug#834756: ITP: powershell -- scripting language interpreter built on .NET

On 18 August 2016 at 18:17, Marcin Kulisz <debian@kulisz.net> wrote:
> On 2016-08-18 16:27:23, Luke W Faraone wrote:
>> Package: wnpp
>> Severity: wishlist
>> Owner: Luke W Faraone <lfaraone@debian.org>
>> * Package name    : powershell
>>   Version         : 6.0.0~alpha9
>>   Upstream Author : Microsoft
>> * URL             : https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell
>> * License         : Expat
>>   Programming Lang: C#
>>   Description     : scripting language interpreter built on .NET
>> Microsoft recently released PowerShell as free software, and this month
>> announced support for Linux platforms.
>> >From a parausal of the source code, it appears to be suitable for inclusion in
>> Debian.
> Most likely I'm missing something but what's the use case for Powershell on
> Debian?

On more practical note - there is a bunch of tooling and cmdtets to
manage remote service from powershell. E.g. to manage ec2 / azure. As
well as locally hosted services as far as I understand (e.g. connect
to / manage via remote API Microsoft what-not servers). I'm guessing
this will become more relevant as more of Microsoft software is
opensourced and/or ported to Linux - eg. as the previously announced
Microsoft SQL Server.

Niche, but useful for the few.

Kind of like R - I am not yet sold on it, and find it irrelevant, but
there is a huge community of people using it. I'm more of a SageMath /
numpy / scipy person. However, OMG RStudio with knitr is nice, I wish
I could write lab reports in Markdown with R graphs like that back
when I was in the university.

On the similar note, there is a large community of people using powershell.


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