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Re: Bug#833401: debian-policy: virtual packages: dbus-session-bus, default-dbus-session-bus

On Wed, 03 Aug 2016 at 21:47:38 +0100, Simon McVittie wrote:
> dbus-default-session-bus: Debian's preferred implementation of
> dbus-session-bus

Andreas Henriksson points out on IRC that default-dbus-session-bus is
more like the situation with mail-transport-agent and default-mta, and
could perhaps start a convention that the preferred implementation of
the virtual package foo is represented by default-foo. So I think that
would be a better name.

> Other options
> =============
> * Add a real (non-virtual) empty package dbus-session-bus built by src:dbus,
>   with Depends: dbus-user-session | dbus-x11 (initially). Other packages
>   depend on dbus-session-bus.
>   (Pro: simpler dependency graph. Con: requires NEW queue.)

Another advantage of this option (which it shares with the others that do not
use a default-d-s-b virtual package) is that it avoids ambiguity if apt
is configured to see more than one suite (perhaps unstable and testing, or
testing and stable-security) and the package providing default-d-s-b differs
between those suites.

If the scheme involving two virtual packages is preferred over this
option, I would very much appreciate someone who knows about these things
describing why, because it isn't currently clear to me.


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