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Building qemu bootloaders for multiple architectures

Hi folks

I currently maintain ipxe.  It is usualy used by x86 qemu to do all the
network stuff.  It also provides a large binary that can be loaded by

As it is pulled in by qemu-system-x86 it needs to be installable on any
Debian architecture.  Currently it only ships an arch-all package that
suffices this requirement, but it can only be built on i386 and amd64.
The other solution at the time would be using cross compiler and build
it seperately on each architecture.

Now ipxe started to get arm support.  I have no idea if it is already
usable for qemu or what else.

It should be possible to build arch-all packages during builds on
different architectures.  Aka build ipxe-qemu:all on i386 and
ipxe-qemu-arm:all on armel.  But I don't think this is a nice thing to

It is also possible to use multiarch.  This would make qemu-system-x86
uninstallable as long as i386 or amd64 is not enabled.

Any thoughts on this?


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