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Fixing the Debian Policy Manual to finally reflect changes from 2014 (was: "Is missing SysV-init support a bug?" on debian-devel)

Robert Edmonds:

The relevant text from the policy manual, §9.11: [...]

Ansgar Burchardt:

Was that changed since the default init system was changed? It pretty much still reads like Policy still assumes that sysvinit is the default init system. It also still mentions upstart in 9.11.1; will file a bug for that. If it wasn't changed, just s/sysvinit/systemd/ mentally ;) It's not the only place where Policy lags behind what is actual practice.

For your bug, please note that the grunt work of fixing Debian Policy has already been done long since, and a patch exists:

* https://jdebp.eu./Proposals/DebianPolicy/

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