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ifupdown2: debconf followup


I just wanted to follow up on some of the questions that were
raised during Juliens debconf talk on ifupdown2.

The interest to develop ifupdown2 openly is very
encouraging. It is being developed internally today
only because it started that way. We are very much
interested in developing it openly. We have started those conversations
internally and are waiting on some help on the logistics side of
things to start a community around it. We will announce it here once that
is ready. If there are suggestions/thoughts on doing that faster/earlier,
we will be happy to pursue those.

And, we will be very happy to work towards making ifupdown2
the default in Debian. If there are ways to make that happen, please let us know.

I also heard about some existing mailing list or discussions around solving ifupdown
problems. We would like to be part of those discussions to see
if ifupdown2 fits there.

Thank you,


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