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Re: Base binary packages using xz instead of gzip


On Mon, 2014-09-01 at 13:33:35 +0200, Guillem Jover wrote:
> It seems there's quite many binary packages in the base system using
> xz as compressor instead of gzip, since the switch to xz as default,
> which might make debootstrapping from non-Debian systems harder. After
> running the follwing:
>   $ debootstrap --download-only sid sid-root-path
>   $ cd sid-root-path
>   $ find -name '*.deb' | while read deb; do \
>       if ar t $deb | grep -q data\.tar\.$COMP; then \
>         echo $deb; \
>       fi \
>     done | sort
> with COMP=xz gives 145 packages, with COMP=gz it gives 21. So I guess
> it would make sense to decide if people still care about bootstrapping
> from other systems where xz-utils might not be available. […]

Some time has passed and the current situation in sid is this:

  COMP=xz  →  158 packages
  COMP=gz  →  5 packages

The ones using gzip are:


I think we can clearly say that collectively we expect xz to be
available when bootstrapping a Debian system. :) I'm thus going to
switch dpkg.deb to use xz on the next upload. I've BCCed the other
package maintainers as a heads up, because it seems using gzip when
there's at least a single package in the base system using xz does
not make much sense anyway.


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