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Re: GPL debate on kernel mailing list

On 08/30/2016 09:43 AM, Holger Levsen wrote:
> Hi,
> http://www.jonobacon.org/2016/08/29/linux-linus-bradley-open-source-protection/
> just popped up in my rss feed and I thought I'd share it with you… it's
> a comment on the recent GPL enforcement debate on the (upstream) kernel
> list.
> I basically agree with Jono here.

For years and years companies are using community hard work and creating
their "great" products without turning back. Not only they don't comply
with Freedom licenses, they are even creating atmosphere that
proprietary product is always of higher quality and better support
compared to FLOSS ones, yet you daily find that they shamelessly built
almost entire product with FLOSS stack (even if they added some
third-party proprietary stack it is a good chance that third-party is
also built with large chunks of FLOSS stack).

And it is not like they choose it by mistake. They choose GPL on purpose
and violate it on purpose. There are numerous other licenses they can
choose and not violate, yet they choose GPL and violate it. The last
resort situation was already decade ago (and I am not even mentioning
here patent trolls that tried to invade FLOSS communities with their law
pressures) so I don't see the point of talking about taking any other

Linux Foundation is corporation (you can call it non-profit consortium
and use all other buzz words, but it effectively is business and large
corporation), and it is getting big sponsorships from proprietary
companies. Linus gets paycheck from it so he naturally defends it. It is
human instinct to do so, because it brings food on your table. I
understand that, but as with every other organization that thinks they
know best, deal is - even if all your members think the same, you're
still not benefiting larger community that you assume you represent nor
do you comply with what larger community expects.

People all over the world created Free software for decades and just
small number of those people got employed to work on Free software for
living, so when companies take fruit of their work and violate the core
idea behind it - then we are automatically at last resort and I am
thankful that at least one organization tries to protect and enforce
such idea compared to all others who simply either don't care or violate it.

Free software is also a social movement that we need to protect, share
and show people and with all violators and mindset that is going on in
trying to show that only way to do things or create "great" things is
proprietary I can only see dark ages and not progress.

I don't know is it a time for GPLv4 which will explain to all
corporations that THIS LICENSE mean you must participate with community
and also make people aware that it is not only license but movement
towards better humanity that cooperates all the time in all fields
without fear of being left out or not earning enough for decent life and
not engage that only way to achieve is by lies, manipulation, abuse,
FUD, secrets. Lets not repeat history here but be proactive in defense
of our and our users rights.

My (valuable) 15mins,

Zlatan Todorić
Proud Debian Developer

 : :Ⓐ  :  # apt-get install anarchism
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