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more GRs to come (Re: Current GRs clarification)

Hi Kurt,

thanks for these clarifications!

On Sun, Aug 07, 2016 at 11:06:03PM +0200, Debian Project Secretary - Kurt Roeckx wrote:
> GR about declassifying debian-private
> =====================================
> There are 2 options on the ballot:
> - Choice 1: Allow declassifying parts of debian-private
> - Choice 2: Further Discussion
> If the first option wins, the GR of 2005 is repealed and replaced
> by this GR.  If the second option wins, nothing changes and the GR
> of 2005 will stay in effect.

I expressed my surprise about a missing third option ("depeal the GR
of 2005 and burry the idea of systematically declassifying
debian-private") on #debian-private and have learned there that this
seems to have been an oversight / others agree that there should have
been this third option.

So, I hereby announce that I'll propose another GR to "depeal the GR
of 2005 and burry the idea of systematically declassifying debian-private"
if *this* GR turns out to result in "further discussion".

(Because I think if choice 1 does *not* win, the project doesnt really
want further discussion but rather this idea to be burried for good.)

Obviously, if choice 1 does win, I will *not* propose a GR to overcome this.
But if choice 1 does *not* win, I don't think the projects want "further
discussion" but rather "choice 3".

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