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How to distinguish .udeb files from regular .deb files?


I accidentally called "dpkg-name" on some *.udeb files and they got
renamed to .deb.

Looking inside dpkg-name, it tries to evaluate "Package-Type" [1], but
that is not contained in the control file of the binary package, so
always evaluates to "deb":
> 123     my $type = $fields->{'Package-Type'} || 'deb';                                                              

Is there some other (preferred) way to identify .udeb packages?

1. "Section: debian-installer"?

2. Some pages use the suffix "-udeb" or "-di" in their package names.

3. If the control file contains a "isinstallable" script.
> dpkg -I 'potential.udeb' | grep -q isinstallable

4. If the control files has a "Installer-Menu-Item" field:
> grep -I 'potential.udeb' | grep -q Installer-Menu-Item

Other ideas?
Or is there a definitive answer hidden somewhere?

Thanks in advance.



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