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Re: [pkg-gnupg-maint] Beware of leftover gpg-agent processes

On Fri, Aug 05, 2016 at 04:02:07PM -0400, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> My long-term goal is to have these things Just Work without *any*
> explicit user intervention.
> That is, i want: "If the package is installed, it should work for you."
> and not: "oh, if you want things to actually work, just fiddle these
> bits in that file over here."  Debian should provide a high level of
> simple and easy system integration where it can.
> by adding no-autostart, we'd be saying "in case your systemd service
> can't start the agent, then we don't want to even try to start up the
> agent."  but i think it would be better to actually try, since it's
> likely that this is what the user wants to do.

I fully agree with you. I did not mean to suggest defaulting to this
option. I merely mentioned no-autostart since it might be useful for
developers testing the gnupg2 package with session-managed daemons.

In this case one wishes to know with certainty whether the daemons were
started by the session manager as intended, or auto-spawned by accident.

Adding to Stefano, thank you very much for completing this transition.


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