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Re: mk-build-deps cannot install particular version of Build-Depends packages


Quoting The Wanderer (2016-08-25 15:29:27)
> In other words: the problem here is the fact that apt's priorities in
> this regard are messed up.
> If there exists a dependency solution which will achieve the result
> requested on the command line (here, installing the lower version of the
> depended-on package), that solution should be chosen over any which do
> not achieve that result; if that solution involves removing or
> downgrading packages, it should be presented for confirmation before
> proceeding.
> If - as is apparently the case - apt does not presently do that, that
> should IMO be considered a bug.

On that topic, see #786609.

Vitaly might want to try doing:

$ sudo apt-get install apt-cudf apscud
$ mk-build-deps debian/control
$ sudo apt-get install \
	--solver aspcud -o APT::Solver::Strict-Pinning=false \
	-o APT::Solver::aspcud::Preferences="-new,-removed,-changed" \

I can also imagine that aptitude will be able to present a solution in this


cheers, josch

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