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Re: ifupdown2: debconf followup

On Sun, Jul 31, 2016 at 06:58:20PM -0700, Roopa Prabhu wrote:

> And, we will be very happy to work towards making ifupdown2
> the default in Debian. If there are ways to make that happen, please let us know.

First, try to make it compatible with 99% of the non-trivial
ifupdown configurations. Why? First, everyone with a trivial network
configuration (like auto eth0; iface eth0 inet dhcp) will not care
about what network configuration tool brings up their network. The
people have a more complex setup will care, and if you make it hard for
them to move to ifupdown2, I think they'll rather stick with ifupdown.
You either have to be able to parse ifupdown's /etc/network/interfaces
or have a way to convert it to whatever new format ifupdown2 requires.

I see one big drawback of ifupdown2, and that is that it's written in
Python. Nothing wrong with that language, but it means it pulls in
dependencies which a minimal install currently doesn't require, which is
not so nice for people running small VMs or embedded devices. 

If ifupdown2 is meant as a drop-in replacement for ifupdown, just fixing
some bugs or adding a few missing features of ifupdown, I'd rather see
those issues addressed in ifupdown. But of course, as one of the
maintainers of ifupdown I'm quite biased :)

> I also heard about some existing mailing list or discussions around solving ifupdown
> problems. We would like to be part of those discussions to see
> if ifupdown2 fits there.

I don't know of such a mailing list... but there's always the BTS.

Met vriendelijke groet / with kind regards,
      Guus Sliepen <guus@debian.org>

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