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Re: libsystemd [was: Re: Is missing SysV-init support a bug?]

> > >  * conntrackd & systemd are very good integrated (using libsystemd)
> >
> > I hugely support idea of dynamically loading libsystemd.
> Please don't, no.  While I do think packages should keep sysvinit
> support as long as it continues to work and doesn't make other paths
> worse, I don't think it makes sense to omit linking to libsystemd, or to
> dlopen it at runtime.

Extra useless dependency. This is case when I miss Gentoo's use-flags.

We already have emacs24, which builds with support of everything,
including tiff and dbus. If I do not like it, I have two option -- use
emacs-nox (thanks to maintainer, who built it) or rebuild package

If I don't like libsystemd dependency, I am in much worse position,
since I have to rebuild really a lot of packages. Yes, we have
`angband.pl' repository, but this not systematic solution.

> Programs linked to libsystemd run just fine under sysvinit or any other
> init system.  Changing those programs to dlopen libsystemd does not seem
> worthwhile.

But I agree, that changing programs to dlopen libystemd is too much
problem. Too much of them. But I think we can do better.

Like compat package, which provides libsystemd.a static library and
headers, that mirrors interface of libsystemd. This library would
forward call to actual libsystemd, if it exists and return error, if
it does not.

Probably, this method can be used with other libraries, like libaudit
or libdbus.

No offence to anyone. Just like those, who does not use sysvinit want
to get rid of sysvinit-related stuff, I, who does not use systemd, try
to get rid of systemd-related stuff.

/away making experiments with it

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