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Re: Is missing SysV-init support a bug?

> >> sysvinit or another alternative.
> > Barely noticeable:
> >
> > https://qa.debian.org/popcon-graph.php?packages=systemd-sysv+upstart+openrc+sysvinit-core+systemd-shim&show_installed=on&want_legend=on&want_ticks=on&from_date=2014-01-01&to_date=&hlght_date=&date_fmt=%25Y-%25m&beenhere=1
> This graph only shows that systemd users tend to install popcon package
> too. I don't think you can rely on this statistics to argue that
> sysvinit is no longer used by users.

Heheh... Who would have thought that the people choosing to remove sysD and install sysV would also be the ones removing popcon (and 288 others from the minimal no-tasksel install...)?

I actually remove popcon because I don't want my level of insanity to impact others. :p

My understanding, before the debate ever popped up in the first place, was that maintainers get to ignore (NOT close) minor bugs with non-default xyz and that they are absolutely not allowed to stand in the way of anyone willing/able to continue maintenance.

It seemed pretty simple to me... As people stop using xyz, they stop supporting it, if that happens, xyz as a whole will deteriorate and eventually gave the chopping block.

Nice, easy, and gradual removal by consensus. :)

Maybe I missed something, but ya... the case reported looks like an incredibly excellent example of what we've agreed is a big no-no.

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