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FWD: apache1.3.26 & php4 Boost your pay cheque break signal (stop-a) doesn't work FW: Bug#245246 xserver-xfree / sunffb - problems Re: Bug#257833: Configuration for sparc64 not found Re: Bug#258647: libc6-sparc64 has no reason to depend on lib64gcc1 Cannot boot a Sparc Enterprise E250 with SMP CPU or memory problem Debian Boot issue [DEBIAN-EXPERIMENTAL] Accepted kaffe 2:1.1.4.PRECVS-1 (powerpc all source) Debian Installer Issues Debian on SparcStation 20 Re: [debian-sparc] Re: Direct rendering: No Direct rendering: No Envctrl for E450 (that old issue again...) For The Girl Who Has Everything cf For your information 优惠代开发票 re:回收空墨盒/空硒鼓 how to boot I can consistently freeze a SunBlade 2000 Re: Information Installing debian in a sunblade100: partitioning [MailServer Notification] Attention ! Virus detecté ! - IT Recruiter - IT jobseeker specific registration. Modération de votre message Issues with netboot for Sarge on Netra X1 Java for Linux/Sparc? MMS Notification Mail Delivery (failure Need Help Configuring IBM 73LZX on Ultra Sparc 60 Re: [newbie] Installation problems New procps, may break NFS problem No need to pay more - cheapest OEM online 2000 off ipx with hme over 27 and ping server Question on modules Question on NIC Question on sarge / X11 Question, propably off-topic Racket Records Catalogue [Rapidly drifting OT] Re: Direct rendering: No <>Re: Mail Delivery (failure Recent dist-upgrade (in testing) broke /etc/init.d/ or /etc/fstab Request for d-i Resend: Need Help Configuring IBM 73LZX on Ultra Sparc 60 Re: re SS5 newbie sarge upgrade -> root mounts readonly sh-2021 reiserfs error w/ disk1 of sarge install Re: silo 1.4.6 still has initrd loading problem (sparc64) [Slight OT]: Sparc64,32 cross-compiler on x86 - funny problem SOLVED: Need Help Configuring IBM 73LZX on Ultra Sparc 60 Sound + Ultra10 Sparcserver 10 install Sparcstation 10 boot ? Sunblade 1500 and Sarge Installer SunBlade 2000 fails to netboot sunffb / SARGE tftp boot images question thrombosis Trouble with upgrade to unstable on SS20 SMP U2 2x300 no/false keyboard after 2.6.6 Ultra10 IDE and Sarge Install Ultra 10 + KDE + Sound unsubscribe Re: Upgrading openboot What is best kernel/disto combination for SS20 SMP? Réponse automatique d'absence du bureau : Mail Delivery (failure woody to sarge X11 on U60 X on SS20 You need to save money on PHARM%ACEUTICALS you sohuld be here You will wish you had looked at these rates The last update was on 20:06 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 189 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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