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sarge upgrade -> root mounts readonly


I have been running woody (kernel 2.4.24) happily for 6 months on my ultra
10.  this week, i decided to upgrade to "testing" by changing my
sources.list and running "apt-get dist-upgrade".
everything appeared to work fine.  a few days later, i rebooted and only
the root fs mounted read-only.  i didnt modify /etc/fstab or anything.
so why might this happen?

two lines of the boot sequence that might have to do with the problem are:

mount: you must specify the filesystem type
Error!  Cannot fsck root fs because it is not mounted read-only

then several lines later...

VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly.

i wish i could include more of the dmesg, but i have no network
connectivity on my computer now.  any help would be greatly appreciated!

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