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Debian Installer Issues

Hi, I've been trying to install Debian Sarge 20040722 NetInstall on a
Sun E450 and have been running into some interesting problems. 

When I use the GUI Installer, and start partitioning the drive, I select
the option to finish partitioning and write changes to disk, and it
looks straight back to the Partition Disks menu. 

When I try to Abort the partitioning and go to the next step, it still
loops back to the Partition Disks menu a few times and finally when I
get to the Install the Base System option I encounter the following
No file system mounted on /target
Installation Step Failed. 

When I open a shell and try to partition the disks using parted, I am
able to successfully create a partition which passes the basic check in
parted as well as the check using e2fsck. However I still encounter the
same problems when going back to the GUI installer. 

If anyone has any suggestions, or ideas on where I can go from here, it
would be greatly appreciated.

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