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Re: Debian on SparcStation 20

On Tue, 13 Jul 2004 23:44:34 BST, Kelly Harding writes:
>Should it be fairly straightforward once the tftp daemon is set up and 
>running and the SS20 has found it/booted from it?

Yes, the major difference when installing is partitioning the disk(s), 
 Sun disklabel, but it's explained clearly in the install docs.

It also helps running ethereal whilst tftp-booting so that you can see 
 which file it's trying to pull (the filename is dependent on the 
 MAC-address) and change the name accordingly if you got it wrong (or, 
 like me, are too lazy to figure it out beforehand).

>I'm kinda assuming that once I get Debian installed on it it'll be pretty 
>much like Debian is on my x86 boxes. Is that the case? or are there any 
>special 'gotchas' with Sparcs?

SILO (the sparc equivalent of LILO) is slightly different to configure 
 than LILO, but that's about it. Oh, and there's no 2.4 kernel-image 
 for sun4m in stable, if you want/need that, you'll have to grab it from

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