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Re: What is best kernel/disto combination for SS20 SMP?

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From: "David Johnson" <dj@david-web.co.uk>
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Sent: Monday, July 05, 2004 5:14 PM
Subject: Re: What is best kernel/disto combination for SS20 SMP?
> It shouldn't make any difference which distro you choose, it's the kernel
> which is the problem. Compile the latest 2.4 from kernel.org and see if
> that's any better.
> But as I say, I don't think these CPUs play nicely with Linux at all,
> someone knows different?

Well...I did a bit of digging and Keith Wesolowski (The Man, it would seem,
when it comes to Linux kernel SPARC development) had the following to say as
of January and there doesn't seem to have been much more said on the subject
in linux-sparc@vger.kernel.org since then:

"2.4 is more or less hosed.  I don't plan to fix it, no time.  2.6
boots UP and seems to work as well as SuperSPARC given the limited
testing I've done so far.  It may be possible later to backport
whatever changes are made in 2.6, but frankly I don't recommend to use
2.4.  If you want to help development, use 2.6.  If you need first
rate stability, use 2.2."

That pretty much precludes any use of iptables as it depends on kernel 2.4.x
and hence renders my new firewall/router machine kinda useless :(

Ah well, guess it's going to have to wait in the loft until 2.6.x runs a
little more happily on 32bit SMP or I might try my luck with 2.4.x

Or I could put Solaris on it...

/me ducks to avoid incoming fire


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