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SunBlade 2000 fails to netboot

 I've got four SunBlade 2000s on which I installed Sid last year. However,
because of all sorts of lock-up issues, etc, I've tried to downgrade back to
Woody, with pretty bad results.

The short of it is that I've decided to see if I can wipe one totally clean
and start from scratch.

I pulled down the official tftpboot image from

Fom the "sun4u" folder I grabbed the tftpboot.img file and used it to net boot
the SunBlade 2000.

It started to load, and then died with the error:

464c00 Instruction Access Error
ok Can't use is with (f0018f98)
MyyyyyyFast Data Access MMU Miss

and it dropped me to the OK prompt

I remember having a similar (same?) problem last year when I installed these boxes, and I found a tftpboot image created by Ben Collins; I can boot off that one still, but when it gets to downloading the root image &tc, it can no longer find the site that Ben had up.

I was hoping to boot off the official image, but apparently it doesn't work with the SunBlade 2000.

Any suggestions?


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