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Re: X on SS20

On Wed, 2004-07-14 at 02:41, Tim Connors wrote:
> 2.6? Wow! How?

Just configured and compiled..?  Did I do any magic? :)

> It sounds like it is oopsing. Before doing anything, look at
> /var/log/syslog
> So you'll ssh fine if whatever crashed was not related to disk and
> network, but as soon as you try to talk to part of the kernel that
> died, that process will lock up as well.

When I checked some more, I've found out that you are right on that

dmesg shows:
XFree86(505): Kernel bad trap [#1]
PSR: 408010c5 PC: f001bf24 NPC: f001bf28 Y: 00000000    Not tainted
PC: <srmmu_pte_pfn+0x10/0x1c>
%G: 0002af21 e2070026  f0000000 00000000  0002afe1 0002aff1  f843e000
%O: 00e20700 00000ab0  502ac000 00000000  00000060 f00bb7a0  f843fd40
RPC: <copy_page_range+0x21c/0x340>
%L: 00021361 fc08fab0  502ac000 fc0afab0  fc013600 503c0000  fc08cf00
%I: f881e080 e2070026  f282c8ac f843fdb0  fc09f140 fc08c540  f843fdf8
Caller[f002c484]: copy_mm+0x288/0x324
Caller[f002cc48]: copy_process+0x34c/0x9e4
Caller[f002d30c]: do_fork+0x2c/0x1cc
Caller[f0010c18]: syscall_is_too_hard+0x34/0x40
Caller[501a224c]: 0x501a224c
Instruction DUMP: 053c0000  91322008  80884002 <93d02005> 81c3e008 
01000000  c2020000  053c0000  80884002 

Unfortunatly, I'm not a coder, but I hope someone could look into it or
direct me.

> Why are you using 2.6? Perhaps you will have more luck with 2.4?

The 2.6 kernel at least feels a lot faster than 2.4, and for the fun of
testing the latest kernel.  :)

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