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Issues with netboot for Sarge on Netra X1

A search of the past few months of the linux.debian lists hasn't turned up
anything useful regarding my problem, so I will ask here to see if anyone else
has a possible solution to my troubles.

I'm currently attempting to install Sarge(testing) via netboot, as the system
unfortunately doesn't have a CD-ROM drive or a floppy.  The install seems to go
along very well, using ftp.us.debian.org to grab all the necessary packages,
until it reaches the point where it (supposedly) completes the package installs,
then gives an error regarding 'initrd-tools'.  When I exit to a shell (running
the install via a serial console), I see these errors in /var/log/messages:

  The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    base-config: Conflicts: tasksel (< 2.00) but 1.52 is to be installed
    initrd-tools: Depends: cramfsprogs (>= 1.1-4) but is it not going to be
                  Depends: dash but it is not going to be installed
  E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify
  a solution).

This being the first time I've ever installed Debian, and the fact that I'm
using an uncommon method of installation, I'm wondering if some kind soul out
there might have a possible solution to my issue?

Ken Lareau

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