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I can consistently freeze a SunBlade 2000

Using Ben Collins' woody installer from


I can consistently lock up the SunBlade 2000. With a base install, nothing more, I can boot into Debian, without even logging in, and hit Stop-A; I get the "ok" prompt, and then the machine freezes solid, requiring a power cycle to recover.

I'm not really looking for a fix; but maybe someone knows if this is due to a kernel bug/option, or is it specific to this model of SunBlade with anything but Solaris, or what?

( I suspect that once I get X installed,
 I'll be able to consistently freeze the
 box by switching to VT8 if X is not
 running there, and in conjunction
 with that suspicion and the above
 mentioned behaviour, I'm wondering
 if there's a bug in the kernel that
 might can be solved either by a new
 kernel or a recompiled kernel, etc. )


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