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What is best kernel/disto combination for SS20 SMP?

Hi all, I've been successfully running a stock Woody install on an SS5
70MHz/128MB for a year or so now as my home firewall/router/mail server but
felt I'd outgrown it's limited processing power (wanting to do more with it)
and recently treated myself to a SPARCstation 20 with 2x150Mhz Ross CPUs and
256MB RAM as an upgrade from eBay.

I used to run RH7 on a twin Pentium Pro machine until a couple of years ago
and assumed the SMP implementation would be as solid for SPARC as for the
i686 but after doing a minimal install of Woody, upgrading to a 2.4.24
kernel and doing a dist-upgrade to Sarge I've had 42 different types of
crashes, spin-locks and unimplemented system call errors.

So, what would people consider to be the best balance of up-to-date, yet
stable, kernel and distribution for this machine?

/-Gary Parker-----------------------f-Loughborough University-\
n IT Bandwidth Management Specialist - http://www.bmas.ja.net |
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