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<rchissocol@cashette.com>Re: Mail Delivery (failure harris@boulder.colorado.edu)

>From rchissocol@cashette.com:

Dear Friend:

Thank you for your email. I am really excited to read it.  My SpamController has temporarily blocked your email. Your email will arrive in my Inbox if you follow the simple instructions below. After I read and respond to your email, your future email will all go straight to my Inbox without this annoying message.  thank you for your patience with this, but my email was pretty much commandeered by spam.

If there is a problem, go ahead and send your email to ISCXSARFEQOQ@spammotel.com.  hopefully that will work. 


>From home.cashette.com:

rchissocol@cashette.com is using Cashette to stop spam. In order for your mail to reach their Inbox, you need to click on the link below:


If you replied to a spam mail, do not click on the link. Send an email to abuse@cashette.com to report the spam.

Hotmail and AOL Users: Copy and Paste the link above into a Web Browser.

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