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RE: What is best kernel/disto combination for SS20 SMP?

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> From: Jan-Benedict Glaw [mailto:jbglaw@lug-owl.de] 
> Sent: 05 July 2004 21:51
> To: debian-sparc@lists.debian.org
> Subject: Re: What is best kernel/disto combination for SS20 SMP?
> This is one of the rare events where userspace isn't the 
> problem. 2.6.x needs somebody with good sparc32 knowledge and 
> some spare time...
> MfG, JBG

Well I'm certainly up for helping out in any way I can [if|when] people
start working on getting HyperSPARC(s) to work with 2.6 but I'm no
programmer I'm afraid.

Just a thought, but do people think it would be worthwhile getting some note
about the instability of HyperSPARCs, wrt recent kernels, put into the Linux
SMP Howto and the FAQ on http://www.ultralinux.org?

(btw, just got hold of a set of Solaris 8 CDs to try and move forward with
my SS20 but I hope to come back to Debian/Linux at some point)


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